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Our story

The story of Nannipung began after the birth of the first child, for whom the granny started to make beautiful handicraft with great care and love.

As a young mother I thought wool would be coarse for the baby’s skin and so the beautiful handcraft was left in a drawer. Not knowing that polar fleece was a petroleum-based chemical fibre, I dressed the baby in fleece fabrics. But one day those clothes were in the wash and I had to dig out the Merino wool knitwear made by my mother. That was the first time my baby didn’t scream when I dressed him. His little hand slipped easily through the stretchy sleeve of the jumper. The summer weather was chilly but he was nice and warm in that knitwear. I picked him up and felt a great sense of pride over the clothes my mother had knitted. I pressed my cold cheek against his soft Merino wool hat and I teared up. That was a turning point – I realized that those clothes, warm and made with love, are best for the baby. From that day the clothes traded places. The mass products were left in the drawer and I reached for the needles myself to knit for my little one.

Soon I developed a desire to make natural and soft knitwear with a modern and elegant design for other babies as well. Exactly the kind that doesn’t lose its beauty or practicality over time. They would be saved for the younger brothers and sisters and for future generations. I hope that one day a big dream of mine will come true – to see a baby wearing knitwear that was made by us for his mother or father. In a world full of mass products where clothes lack value over time, it feels like an impossible mission but I am convinced that everything is possible when it comes to handcraft that is natural and made with care.

Foto: Stina Kase

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